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On my adventures around the world, I am always amazed at the craftsmanship and creativity of the local people. Markets and bazaars are among my favorite places to visit in any new city. I never want to pass up the opportunity to share these treasures with family and friends back home.

However, due to a variety of reasons, these products are not currently available on a consistent basis. Some products you see will be sold only on a limited basis, until our inventory has been depleted. Other products may be sold on a limited basis until they can be properly vetted for consistent quality, appropriate labor standards, and reliable transportation, among other things.

It is my goal to supply only products that I am 100% confident in- and none of my products will be sold on a full-time basis until I have personally met the people, seen their facilities and can share their stories along with their crafts.

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-Tiffany Outlaw