Welcome to Outlaw Imports!

Outlaw Imports was founded as a way to give back to the developing world. Our products were chosen with very specific intentions- to positively impact customers, suppliers, farmers, and the environment. By working with the right products and the right people, we are helping to bring jobs, income, and hope to areas of the world that are often overlooked.

The Outlaw Imports Difference

Local Impact

It’s important that our efforts funnel income directly toward the people on the ground- the farmers and families that spend the money they earn within their local economies, spurring growth in these areas. That is why our yerba mate is planted, harvested, and manufactured by farmers in Brazil. It is certified Fair Trade, meaning that the farmers are paid an above average wage, and we are happy to pay a premium to make sure they are. And when it come to the acai that grows wild all over the rainforest, we rely on the natives in the area to harvest from their own back yards, which provides thousands of families and additional income.


  • Our yerba mate grows naturally in Southern Brazil. Our partners are so eco-conscious that they control the entire process from planting and harvesting to manufacturing and bagging. The entire process is done without any chemical products such as synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides. Instead of machinery, horses and handheld cutter are used to harves the leaves. The processing plant uses electricity generated by organic eucalyptus, produced through reforestation.
  • Harvesting acai requires natives to scale palm trees up to 8o feet tall in order to cut down the branches. It does not harm the rainforest in any way. In fact, an increased demand for acai has caused many Brazilians to turn toward growing and harvesting acai for income rather that alternatives that lead to deforestation.

Short Supply Chain

Farmers  →  Manufacturers  →  Outlaw Imports  →  You

Having a short supply chain ensures that we can maintain our mission and values. Fewer middlemen means more profit to the people on the ground, more transparency with the process, and more control over the quality of the product. We have confidence in our product and our partners, and hopefully that will lead to greater long-term success.

High Quality

  • We haven’t found a better yerba mate in the world! Our premium mate is 100% leaf, giving 100% of the benefits as opposed to other styles that mix leaves with stems and sticks. It’s organically grown, responsibly harvested and fair trade certified.
  • Acai is extremely perishable and must be processed and frozen within 24 hours in order to maintain all the benefits. It is extremely concentrated, so it is mixed with water. Many companies dilute their acai too much, reducing the nutritional benefits. However, we sell a highly-concentrated premium acai.